The following are excerpts from several emails that were not solicited or scripted and they speak for themselves. The names, property addresses, and email addresses have been removed for obvious reasons. These un-solicited references represent circumstances of day to day management activities that accurately and transparently represent the level of service you can expect.

"Thanks for all the hard work on getting our place rented so quickly."
- Client Owner

"Excellent Work. I appreciate your company's continued good service."
- Client Owner

"We are very appreciative of your efforts, your great communication, and your professionalism. When we decided to move we never dreamed you would make it feasible for us to stay. Again, you’re terrific, and your spirit of doing business is what’s missing in so many important negotiation situations universally. In fact, I have been using you as an example in my course lectures. No kidding."
- Tenant

"OZ Accommodations manages 5 rental units for me in Kansas and Missouri. From day one they have been personable and service oriented. They performed make-ready repairs and leased up all of the units in an efficient manner. Details have been handled well, and there are actually human beings on the other end of the phone. Nice ones, at that. If you need property management services, I would recommend using Scott Abbey and his staff at OZ."
- Client Owner

"It is a pleasure to work with you! You have a wonderful company and I hope that it will continue to prosper. I'm sure both owners, renters, contractors are having a great experience working with Oz. I will be sure to pass your info. to others in our network."
- New Client

"Thank you for your follow up and exceptional customer service. We want you to know that your willingness to take care of these issue does not go without notice or appreciation. You have more than proven yourselves to be conscientious and attentive to us. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to other investors."
- New Client

"Wow! I thank all of you for going above and beyond on this. (I hope the renter understand the incredible efforts that have been made on their behalf.) Know that you have a VERY SATISFIED owner!"
- New Client

"My wife and I want to personally thank you and your staff for the wonderful service provided. We definitely made the right choice in selecting your company to manage our property and we appreciate the hard work everyone has done for us. Keep up the sensational work."
- Client Owner

"I have been delighted with the service Oz has provided me over the last year. I am sure this engagement has had more complications than most yet you and your team have served me well and professionally. I really appreciate it and if the time comes that I want to go back on the rental market rest assured, yours will be the only number I call. Thanks again for running such a solid organization."
- Client Owner

"I am very impressed overall with the professionalism of your company Scott and your follow-thru. I look forward to our continued partnership."
- Client Owner

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