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Let us be your Resource for Property Management and Investment Property Resources

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Oz Accommodations, Inc is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage with licenses for both Kansas and Missouri. Our practice specializes in assisting our clients in building wealth through real estate rental property management. Although we are licensed, we do not engage in sales or listings; we focus exclusively on wealth-building approaches to managing residential real estate assets.

We invite agents and brokers with property management or investment property resource needs to contact us. If you are a broker who needs to expand your offering to include property management but doesn’t want the administrative or regulatory overhead, Oz Accommodations can be an excellent resource. If your client’s property is not selling, using the property as a rental investment could be a more favorable alternative for sale later when conditions may have improved. Once the market timing is right, you retain your seller’s house as a future listing.

Our investment consulting services can assist agents with a high level of expertise in the property investment arena in providing clients with better results and, because of improved results, more repeat purchases of investment property.

We offer free, no-obligation rental analyses for properties to evaluate what your client can expect as rental income from quality residents and what repairs may be required. We provide a free estimate for any repairs necessary to prepare the property for the rental market.

Oz Accommodations, Inc focuses on reducing the risks associated with rental investments by using processes, systems, documentation, and selective screening techniques which have been tested and improved upon over our 30+ years in business.

Since we do not list or sell homes, your relationship with your clients is not compromised, as they will be available for your future business when they decide to sell.

Working together, we can help homeowners get the most out of their property investment. We offer referrals to realtors for new Owner clients.

REI Construction Exchange (REICE)

REI Construction Exchange (REICE)

Our REI Construction Exchange (REICE) can prepare a depressed property fast and at an affordable price. REICE provides construction services ranging from minor repairs to complete rehab services to prepare a property for the rental market or to bring it to tip-top condition for sale.

Inspections ETC.

REI Construction Exchange (REICE)

We offer inspection. Our Inspections Etc. Division specializes in non-certified inspections of property for fast and affordable property vetting without the expense of a certified inspection.

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