Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Professional Property Management Company to manage my rental property?
Oz can protect and maximize your rental investment while handling the duties of property management for you.

Will you provide me with information regularly about my rental property?
Oz provides monthly statements of rental property activity along with a disbursement of funds.  Owners are also provided with a log-in for account information available 24/7 at our site.

How do I get started with you managing my property?
Contact us so we can answer any of your questions.  You can then schedule a Free, No Obligation Rental Analysis for your property.  If you are interested in our services, you can then complete the Agreement for Property Management and give us the keys to your home.  Marketing will begin quickly, and you can expect to have a great tenant in your home in less than 7 weeks!

How much rental income can I expect for my property?
As part of our Rental Analysis, we will complete an in-depth study of current comparative rents based on your property’s location and features.  We will provide an expected rental income range based on this information that will be used for the specialized RentQuick® 7-week marketing campaign for your property.

How do you manage repairs?
We use affordable and vetted vendors who offer quality, value and speed.  You have the option of approving a certain cost of repairs at the time of signing your contract on a per event basis.  This option is most convenient to Owners since it allows repairs to be completed in a timely manner, thus keeping your property in the best condition while also increasing tenant satisfaction.

How do you find tenants?
We use high quality photos and videos of our listings along with the most detailed advertising possible to generate your property to over 70 websites and social media sites.  Potential tenants then complete an application process where they are thoroughly evaluated based on criminal history, credit history, rental history, and income history.

What happens once you find a qualified tenant?
Once a qualified tenant is found for your property, we manage the lease signing and collection of deposit.  Upon move-in date the residents the first month’s rent and any other applicable fees are due.  We will also manage the monthly collection of rents, the overseeing of any maintenance issues, and anything else needed to keep the rental process running smoothly.

How do owners receive rental income?
We disburse Owner payments on the 20th of each month.  If the 20th falls on a weekend, then we will disburse Owner payments the Friday before the 20th.  If the 20th falls on a holiday, then we will disburse payments on the first business day following the holiday.

Another property management company has said that I can expect the rental income for my property to be above what Oz has quoted. Why should I go with Oz?

Please keep in mind that the best tenants are smart tenants.  They are searching for quality housing at affordable prices.  Another company may be able to find a tenant willing to pay higher prices, but will that tenant be the best tenant possible?  Will they take good care of your rental investment?  Keep in mind the cost of a bad tenant far exceeds the difference in higher rent paid by a less qualified tenant. The best tenant at the optimum rent to attract the right tenant, is the right price to charge.

How much do Oz Accommodations services cost?
We offer a wide range of services.  Our services are competitively priced for the Kansas City area.  Many of our systems and processes are in place in order to pass on savings to our clients.  We do not require reserves or any upfront fees. Please contact us so we may discuss your Professional Property Management needs and then assess an accurate fee based on your specific service needs.

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