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We treat your property asset as our own. We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as a landlord/Investor or homeowner desiring to move back into your house later. We tailor our services to ensure you have the highest level of service for your property asset.


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REI Construction Exchange (REICE)

REI Construction Exchange (REICE)

REICE takes the best attributes of different approaches in providing construction services and creates an exchange of managed resources in such a way as to afford positive outcomes with economical costs. Vendors enrolled in the REICE Exchange may bid on work based on the timely delivery of services with the skills required to deliver work at an economical price. Over time, we are building a standardized list of work and find the best providers to perform these jobs. As jobs are created, these jobs will be forwarded to the respective vendor for acceptance. Vendors who can start the job on time and within our defined cost structure will be awarded the job. Surveys will be forwarded to the job site for residents to grade the work service and on larger jobs, a follow-up inspection will be performed to ensure the scope is completed within the scope's specifications. Vendors must provide evidence of insurance with minimum coverage and licensing credentials. Vendors will be provided mobile system tools to provide real-time input of job activity and, in the future, real-time photography that will be available for all to see. Our vendors are contractually encumbered to help reduce risks to you as the investor property owner, including but not limited to liability, loss of materials, scope creep, change order discipline, behavior at the property, rules of conduct with residents, estimates, workers-comp, OSHA, recommendations of preemptive-proactive repairs, billing information, and warranty. REICE is an innovative resource badly needed by real estate investors with a value that optimizes results.

Inspections ETC.

Inspections etc

Inspections etc provides detailed inspections for our clients and residents we serve that surpass the typical inspection information gathered. These inspections are tailored for specific circumstances, being very detailed and rich with quality photography priced to best serve the demanding investor. Inspections ect provides professional grade photos for investors that want to showcase their property. Good inspections help protect the property asset and the interests of the owner and resident alike. Our inspection services provide an honest and transparent output of the conditions present at the time of the inspection. Inspections Ect provides high quality inspections void of bias and rich with photos to support inspection results.



Reports to Optimize Investment Results

Faster, better, more profitable decisions about residential income property. RentFax helps investors, lenders, agents, property managers, and others assess and compare income risk, determine rents, vacancy, tenancy duration, and forecast gross and net income in seconds, providing unparalleled insight to any residential investment property in the Kansas City area and the US.



Oz Accommodations offers our clients a critical risk mitigation tool to manage risks and ensure better outcomes when facing tenant malicious damage and non-payment of rent. Our Landlord Protection Plus Offering powered by “SureVestor” provides insurance coverage not found in landlord homeowners’ policies.

With Landlord Protection Plus, you benefit from coverages for lost rent due to tenant failure to pay (up to 12 weeks in case of a writ of possession), malicious damage (up to $35,000), theft or damage due to theft to building or contents (up to $15,000), eviction legal/defense costs and Sheriff fees (up to $5600), loss due to non-attended lockbox showings (up to $5000), service or companion animals damage not designated as pets (up to $1000), and an additional One Million Dollar General Liability coverage at your property.

This very affordable policy available for rent values of $1000 - $3000 per month